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Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library

Because libraries help build strong communities

We need Friends like you…You can help improve your community

Friends Groups are a great way to become active in your community and meet your neighbors.

How can I help? Easy ways to get started as a Friend

  • Volunteer at your library
  • Attend library events
  • Support your library with donations
  • Help out with a special project
  • Talk with community members to share the value of libraries
  • Attend Friends Group meetings

Friends of Kreutz Creek Library

The Friends of Kreutz Creek Valley Library are a group of civic-minded individuals who recognize that a good library is central to a good community.  Through committee work, the Friends raise funds, help promote library awareness and help to improve and expand library service by working with the librarian.  The Friends group is organized apart from the library and has its own by-laws, officers, and organization.

Over the years, the Friends have helped the library in a variety of ways. Some examples of the Friend’s accomplishments include driving community outreach and support, raising funds to support a percentage of the library’s yearly finances, volunteering time to the library, as well as many other community-driven efforts.

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Meet Our Friends Group

Elizabeth McKonly

Linda Nevers
Vice President

Richard Blumenthal

Kristin Peterman
Group Member 

Betty Bell
Group Member 

Ethan Benedict
Group Member

Dr. Gail Hertz
Group Member

Kim Judy
Group Member

Diane LaNasa
Group Member

Brent Peterman
Group Member

Connie Ritter
Group Member

Edward Ritter
Group Member

Joan Rogers
Group Member

Debra Sangiamo
Group Member

Melody Stine
Group Member

Laurie Ward
Group Member

Sue Zenow
Group Member

Jennifer Johnson
Library Manager