Back to School with Your Local Library

Whether you are starting a big research project or just looking for a quiet place to do your homework, look no further than your local public library. Guthrie Memorial Library has many resources and services available to support you or your child through the new school year.  

Here are just some of the homework resources we offer and what you can expect when you visit us: 

Books and Library Materials 

When it comes time for your first research project or report, take a look through Guthrie Memorial Library’s extensive collection of nonfiction books—or books that are factual and informative. Each floor has non-fiction books written for a specific audience: adult, teen, or child. Both the adult and children’s floors have a dedicated section for biographies, which are nonfiction books about the lives and experiences of one individual.  

And whether you have a book report coming up or are simply looking for a book to relax with, our collection of fiction books has everything from classics to contemporary genre fiction to graphic novels. For younger students learning to read, try starting with Easy Readers. Easy Readers are short picture books with simple sentences and get more challenging as the reader moves up each level. Beginners should try easy readers labeled “level 1”. When easy readers get too easy, try Easy Chapter Books. They are a perfect choice for readers who are too advanced for easy readers but not quite ready for full chapter books.  

If Guthrie Memorial Library does not have the book you are looking for, try searching the wider YCL catalog. You can use your library card to check out books from any York County library or place a book on hold and pick it up at the main desk at Guthrie when it’s ready. Can’t find a copy in York County? Request an InterLibrary Loan through the YCL website and we’ll track one down. 

Information and Technology 

Can’t wait for a hold or InterLibrary Loan to arrive? At the library, you have access to many online databases that might just have the information you are looking for! To find all the databases available through York County Libraries, you can visit our Online Resources page. From there, you can filter the list according to your interests. Here are just a few that might be helpful: 

Gale has research databases for all ages. Kids can use Gale’s elementary level database, which allows students to browse a simple, subject-based site to find articles, biographies, photos and more. Gale’s middle school database keeps its simple interface while supplying an even wider collection of topics. There are also databases for high school students as well as adults, where you can search for peer-reviewed, academic journal articles. 

The Digital Public Library of America is a great place to look for primary sources like maps, letters, illustrations, photographs and more. But it isn’t just for students! Patrons who have an interest in genealogy can use the DPLA to browse records like yearbooks, military service records, and even family Bibles! 

Need access to a computer? Each floor of the library has computers ready for you to use—no library card necessary! You can sign in with your library card number and PIN (last four digits) or ask library staff for a computer pass. Every patron can use the computer for up to 2 hours per day.  

Once you have completed your work, you can print any papers or images you may need. Black and white copies cost 25 cents per page, while color copies cost 50 cents. 

A Quiet Place to Work 

Guthrie Memorial Library has many quiet corners for you to work in. The adult department has several tables where you can read or work on your personal computer. The Hormel Reading Room is a particularly quiet (and scenic) area, with tables and comfortable reading chairs. 

If you need a more private space to work in or if you’re expecting a group, give us a call or ask a staff member at the main desk about reserving one of our rooms. In the Teen and Children’s Libraries, finding quiet can be a little more difficult on some days. If either floor is too rowdy for quiet study, use our Teen Study Room & Café Area located in the Teen Library.  

Here to Help 

As always, library staff are here to help you with all your information needs. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether you need directions to a certain section, help finding books listed in your homeschool curriculum, or help using any of our online resources. We are always happy to help!

– Jennifer at Guthrie Memorial Library

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