Dover Area Community Library

Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library

Because libraries help build strong communities

We need Friends like you…You can help improve your community

Friends Groups are a great way to become active in your community and meet your neighbors.  

How can I help? Easy ways to get started as a Friend

  • Volunteer at your library
  • Attend library events
  • Support your library with donations
  • Help out with a special project
  • Talk with community members to share the value of libraries
  • Attend Friends Group meetings

Friends of Dover Area Community Library

Friends of Dover Area Community Library is made up of enthusiastic library supporters willing to volunteer their time to raise money and community awareness on behalf of the Library.  The Dover Friends organize and carry out several annual fundraisers, including a miniature in-house book sale, a candy sale, and a greeting card sale. Additionally, the Dover Friends organize a large-scale book sale every September. These events are planned, advertised, and carried out by members of the Friend’s group.  The money raised by the committee helps with the operating costs of the library.

The Dover Area Community Library Friends meet bi-monthly on the second Monday of the month (January, March, May, July, September, November) in the library.  New members are always welcome, as are new ideas and plenty of enthusiasm for libraries.

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