Gold Star for Collinsville!

First we got a Bronze Star. Then we earned 5 Silver Stars, one for each of the five PA Forward Literacies. Now, Collinsville Community Library has achieved Gold Star Status!

This achievement shows our dedication to making Collinsville Library a resource where everyone can learn and grow in essential skills. Whether you are still in school or left years ago, there are programs for you at your local library. Collinsville Library now has the Gold Star to prove it!

What’s PA Forward?

PA Forward is a state-wide library program in academic, public, and school libraries in PA. It supports knowledge in five key areas, because research shows these are the areas of knowledge that are most important. Libraries that are PA Forward provide a series of programs in the following areas:

  • Basic literacy library programs help you understand reading and writing in all forms. 
  • Information literacy sessions at libraries help you understand technology and how to find good information in a digital world.
  • Civic & Social literacy library discussions help you connect and contribute to your government, your history, the arts, your community, and other people.
  • Health literacy programs at the library help you explore your health, your health care options, and your family’s ongoing well-being.
  • Financial literacy programs at the library help you make informed decisions about purchases, budgeting, and planning for your future.

Our GOLD STAR status

In order to achieve Gold Star status, Collinsville Community Library has had to provide more than 40 programs for these literacies! It has taken a lot of dedication and hard work. We are grateful for all the people who attended programs, gave feedback, and asked for more areas of learning. Thank you as well to our community partners who contributed their time, knowledge, and expertise to make all of these programs possible. 

We’re not done yet

We’ve achieved Gold Star status, now we’re going to maintain it! To explore the current opportunities to learn at Collinsville Library, visit our Events calendar on here

For more on PA Forward at York County Libraries, go here.
For more on the PA Forward statewide program, visit the PA Forward website.