Summer Read 2020: Week Six: Loneliness: Resources

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Community Resources

Heritage Senior Center

Heritage Senior Center is a non-profit organization, funded in part by the York County Area Agency on Aging. Their mission is to provide programs and services for those age 60 and over that are designed to overcome loneliness, combat boredom, enhance self-esteem and personal growth and encourage independence through involvement in the community.

When: M–F, 8am-3pm *Hours/availability may differ due to COVID-19 restrictions; call first
Where: 3700-4 Davidsburg Rd., Dover, PA
Contact: [email protected], 717-292-7471

AARP’s Connect2Affect

Visit Connect2Affect online for articles and resources, written for persons of retirement age but useful for people of any ages to understand their feelings of isolation or loneliness.

TrueNorth Wellness—Emergency Assistance

“We determine the root cause of the crisis and offer solutions-focused interventions to promote independence, personal growth and collaborative decision-making that are intended to assist the individual to return to a pre-crisis state. Visit the website for a list of signs someone may be in crisis.” TrueNorth Wellness Services offers free mobile resources in York, Adams, and Fulton Counties and have a number of on-site facilities. Most insurances accepted for long term assistance.

Contact: 1-866-325-0339 or 717-637-7633 for assistance. If there is an urgent danger, call 911.
Multiple locations throughout the South-Central PA region; see website.

Coalition to End Social Isolation and Loneliness
Website which offers a huge list of resources discussing loneliness and mental health as well as strategies to help yourself or others you know when they are dealing with negative feelings.

The UnLonely Project
Interactive in-person and online community that offers different ways to creatively make connections while staying healthy and safe.

Federal Department of Child Welfare
Discussions and resources for children at risk of experiencing Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Teens 13-18 only: York County Libraries’ Discord Server
Come and explore your interests with like-minded teens from across York County in our safe online environment JUST for teens aged 13-18. Stay connected, make friends, and have some fun!

The ACEs and Resilience Score
Take the quiz to see your ACE score, and learn more about how your past experiences may shape your current life.

Website for people to learn about ACEs, connect with others, and minimize the impact of ACEs on children in their communities to build a better, more understanding place to live.

YCL Books

Astrayan, K. Stop Being Lonely: Three Simple Steps to Developing Close Friendships and Deep Relationships (ebook)
Burke Harris, N. The Deepest Well: Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Trauma
Hari, J. Lost Connections
Murthy, V.H. Together: The Healing Power of Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World
Nhất Hạnh, T. Reconciliation: Healing the Inner Child (eAudio)
Swan, T. The Anatomy of Loneliness: How to Find Your Way Back to Connection (e audio only)
TerKurst, L. Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely
White, E. Lonely: A Memoir

For teens

Greenberger, R. Frequently Asked Questions About Loneliness
James, L. The Loneliest Girl in the Universe (fiction)
Moskowitz, H. Teeth (fiction)

For kids

Dinmont, K. Lonely
Metzger, C. The Invisible Bear
Oehlberg, B. Making It Better: Activities for Children Living in a Stressful World
Pilkey, D. A Friend For Dragon
Lynette, R. How To Deal with Feeling Left Out