Summer Read 2020: Week Three: Incarceration: Resources

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Missed the discussion with the health professionals? Click here to watch a recording on our YouTube channel.

Session 3 -Incarceration Click for a digital copy of the handout given to participants.

Community Resources

Beyond our Walls: Read Me A Story, York County Prison and Board of Inspectors and York County Libraries collaborative.

This program connects incarcerated parents to their children, educates parents about early literacy, and helps parents build a better future for themselves and their families.
Learn More:
Program Coordinators: Lisa Schmittle 717-849-6964 [email protected] & Felicia Gettle [email protected]

York County Re-Entry Coalition

This collaborative effort supports re-entrants and their families through risks/needs identification, education, treatment, and ongoing skill development.
Find them on Facebook:
Contact: [email protected]

LifePath Christian Ministries

“Out of gratitude for the grace extended to us by Christ, our mission is to love, honor and serve our struggling neighbors at their point of need and holistically equip them to flourish in the community.”
Where: 367 West Market Street, York, PA
Contact: 717-472-8890

Crispus Attucks York

Crispus Attucks helps people thrive and not just survive through education, job training, social, and housing opportunities. “We give rise to the possible.”
Where: 605 South Duke Street York, PA
Contact: 717-848-3610 (phone) 717-843-3914 (fax)

York County Libraries Books

Birtha, Becky. Far Apart, Close in Heart: Being a Family When a Loved One is Incarcerated
Burton, Susan & Lynn, Cari. Becoming Ms. Burton: From Prison to Recovery to Leading the Fight for Incarcerated Women
Goozh, Judi & Jeweler, Sue. Tell Me about When Moms and Dads Go to Jail
Krannich, Ronald L., PhD. The Ex-Offender’s Re-Entry Success Guide