YCL Brain Bonanza 1: Notorious Fools

All right, YCL members!

Ready for a brain workout?

See our blog post for the rules and how to submit entries. Answer as many questions as you can: the more right answers, the more drawing entries you’ll get (Once we’re open again. Prizes TBD. This is 99% for the fun of it!)

  • You must use YCL digital resources available on yorklibraries.org/online-resources to find your answers. Screenshot the answer when you find it, or submit the URL of the exact webpage within the resource where you found the answer.
  • Don’t post your answer online! Instead email it to [email protected] to submit your answer. Please include your name for the entry.


1. What type of fish was Nemo in the film Finding Nemo?  Locate an article about these jokers with our resources! 

2. We celebrate April Fool’s Day every April 1st.  Governments have fallen for hoaxes throughout history.  Alabama lawmakers have repeatedly been pranked concerning the state’s legislature changing the value of pi since 1998.  Can you find the government leaders who were the first April Fools of this worldwide silly celebration? 

3. In the film Suicide Squad, the Joker drives a custom Vaydor car, constructed from the bones of a 2007 Infiniti G35. Using the library’s online resources, what should the Joker’s PSI (tire pressure) be?

4. Moe, Larry, and Curly (the Three Stooges) were famous vaudeville slapstick comedians. Their hi-jinks usually involved physical comedy and likely led to a few bumps and bruises. Using one of the library’s digital resources, find a page that details first aid treatment for bruises. Share the link to the page.

5. Funny man Charles ‘Charlie’ Chaplin is one of the most famous silent movie stars of his time. What many people don’t know is that Albert Einstein was one of Charlie Chaplin’s number one fans, which later led to a friendship between the two. Using the library’s online resources, find a picture of the two together.  

Remember, don’t post your answers. Let others join in the fun too!

Email a screenshot of the answer from a YCL online resource to [email protected] between now and 11:59pm Saturday, April 4th (that’s just before midnight EST).

Have fun!