My Internship with YCL

When you are a college student, it seems like everyone has the same questions for you.

All the dreaded questions you know you will hear when you sit down at your next family dinner.

“How’s school going?”
“Why did you pick that degree?”
“What do you plan on doing after you finish school?”

Once you hit your junior and senior years of college, your family starts asking,

“Have you started looking for an internship? You know that looks great on a resume!”
“Did you get an internship yet?”

At least, that is how my experience started.  So you set forth and look for that very important internship everyone wants you to have. Now, I really appreciate everyone pushing me to begin my search.

Searching was worth the time!

Going into my last semester of senior year, I got the internship everyone was asking about. York County Libraries called me and offered me a position as their first-ever Marketing Intern. Accepting that position was the best choice I could have made. Already, I can tell that I will carry the experience I gained here at YCL with me for years.

I learned so many different skills that I can take with me not only into my career, but also throughout my life.

The people I worked seemed to be in a great mood every day! They were the best. If I needed help, they were there to guide me—and that is exactly what everyone should look for when heading into an internship.

YCL did a wonderful job assigning me tasks that are not only interesting and fun, but ones that expanded my knowledge of marketing to a whole new level. Most importantly, tasks were very relevant to my career path. Although my time at YCL was a short 3 months, the experience was worth a lifetime.

If you are out there wondering where to begin your search for an internship, I would highly recommend checking out YCL. Learning new skills, meeting great people, and simply having fun is a great internship combination you should take advantage of. York County Libraries is a great place to expand your experience while at school. I can say I am very proud of my work here.

Katie Martel, Spring 2019, York County Libraries Marketing Intern.


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