May 2019 - York County Libraries

Month: May 2019

Cupcake Wars 2019

May 27th, 2019

[caption id="attachment_38680" align="aligncenter" width="559"] Teens, adults decorated these. We know you can do better! Photos courtesy[/caption] Challenging all teens ages 13-18! It’s the third annual Cupcake Wars this summer! What’s Cupcake Wars? It’s a chance to show off your...

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Marketing intern Katie Martel standing next to a banner. Spring 2019 Internship.

My Internship with YCL

May 22nd, 2019

When you are a college student, it seems like everyone has the same questions for you. All the dreaded questions you know you will hear when you sit down at your next family dinner. "How’s school going?" "Why did you...

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