Help Me Find a Book!

As someone who works in a library, my staff and volunteers are often asked for book suggestions. People assume that we are avid readers and read anything and everything and although most of us claim reading as our favorite pastime a few of us prefer specific genres or select books on a whim.  When a patron asks for a book recommendation, we don’t have to rely on just our favorite books but we are able to direct our patrons to publications and websites that could aid them in their search for their next great read!

There are tools to help anyone make book choices. For children our York Libraries provides the online source Bookflix which is a literacy resource for grades pre-K-3 that pairs classic video storybooks with related nonfiction books.

For everyone else there is Goodreads which has become one of the largest sites for all ages to find their next book to read. Their slogan is “Meet your next favorite book”. Users may join book clubs, chat with others and even win advanced copies of books.

Our library subscribes to BookPage America’s Book Review. This monthly magazine is offered at no cost to our patrons and is a selection guide for new books with author interviews and interesting columns on a variety of topics.

Now if someone in a library asks, “What are you reading?” be prepared to have a variety of answers and direct them to be open to other suggestions because there are copious volumes out there to be discovered with little time and helping someone find a great book is a good thing.  

Serving you,