Protect Your Personal, Financial Data

State Representative Keith Gillespie recently shared in his Headline Harrisburg Newsletter an important article on identity theft that we, at Kreutz Creek Library, wish to pass along to our library members:
In recognition of National Tax Security Awareness Week, the state Department of Revenue outlined several tips to help protect yourself from identity thieves:
• Shop at websites where the web address begins “https” – the “s” is for secure communications.
• Don’t shop on unsecured public Wi-Fi in malls or hotels, where thieves can tap in.
• Secure your home Wi-Fi with a password.
• Use security software for computers and mobile phones; keep it updated.
• Protect your personal information; don’t hand it out to just anyone.
• Use strong and unique passwords for your accounts.
• Use two-factor authentication whenever possible.
• Back up your files on computers and mobile phones.
You should also be on the lookout for “phishing” scams in your email. Identity thieves sometimes pose as companies or government agencies you know, such as the IRS or state Department of Revenue. Other phishing emails may tell an urgent story to trick you into opening a link or attachment that ultimately adds a virus or spyware onto your computer.
Finally, the IRS or Department of Revenue will never call to demand a tax payment on a gift card.
If you are a victim of identity theft or discover a fraudulent Pennsylvania personal income tax return was filed using your identity, please contact the Department of Revenue’s Fraud Detection and Analysis Unit at 717-772-9297 or e-mail: [email protected]
For more information on cybersecurity please visit the following site: