Love in the Valley

Well, LOVE is in the air!!!  Arthur Hufnagel Public Library is getting ready for this year’s season of love!!!

When February rolls around each year, people become giddy like children in hope that someone will be their sweet heart.  People plan romantic evenings and special gifts to show how much they love each other.  Arthur Hufnagel Public Library is hoping to be your sweet heart.  We even have candy heart cards to help you know what treats we would love to get.  Pick up one heart and bring the gift written on the back to the library during the month.  There will be a box for all for the gifts inside the door. 

For you, we have many resources to help you plan your romantic evening. Our glass case in the lobby has been filled with oodles of “HEART” novels to choose. In addition, we have what you need for a romantic night at home.   If you need movie, just select your favorite romantic comedy or love stories from our DVD collection.  If we do not have the DVD, we can request it from another library.  So get your hold now so it is here by the romantic date.  If poetry is more to your liking, visit the 800 section, “Literature,” in the nonfiction area.   William Shakespeare sonnets will melt anyone’s heart.  But, if you are trying to impress your sweet heart with a delicious dinner, we have a lot of cookbooks to find a perfect menu for the evening.

If you are looking for a beautiful bouquet, make sure you stop by Flowers by Cindy.  The staff has wonderfully colored arrangements to order or pick up but better to plan early.  If you are in a pinch, stop by Wentzel’s for a bouquet or box of chocolates.  If you what something more original, stop by Simply Local of Glen Rock. There are aromatic soaps and lotions as well as wines from Jackson Square Vineyards.  On the way out, stop by Glen Rock Mill Inn for some take away or better yet make reservations for a romantic dinner for two.

Valentine’s Day may only come once a year, but Love will forever be in the Valley.  May your hearts be blessed with happiness and good health in 2018.