New in The Valley

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Glen Rock Valley,

photo of the original building around 1920s.
Neuhaus building (on the right) circa 1920s

So, what is new at Arthur Hufnagel Public Library and the greater Glen Rock area?
Well, let’s start by wishing Glen Rock Borough, Codorus Township and the Arthur Hufnagel Public Library a Happy Birthday. Glen Rock began as a railroad town in 1838 as the industrial revolution was beginning. By 1859 its population had risen to a whopping 200 people which allowed it to be incorporated as a borough. That means for the last 159 years Glen Rock has grown with the industries of York County. Now, the Township of Codorus (Yes, that is its official name) has seen much more history than Glen Rock. Incorporated in 1747 under the British Government, Codorus has weathered the birth of a country as well as the battles to maintain it. This makes Codorus 271 years young. Looks like a huge celebration is in store for the township. The Public Library of Glen Rock has seen many changes over its short 82 years. It is now housed in the old Neuhaus Building at 32 Main Street.

Wow, so much history in the Glen Rock area but so much change is coming. 2018 sees two new eateries in the downtown area. Since the Great American Melting Pots’ closure in December, the community has been praying for a new establishment. Their prayers have been answered. MAMMA’s Pizza is coming to the location and bringing Sal with her. Keep an eye out for the opening. Glen Rock Mill Inn isn’t new to the downtown but it does have a new owner. Brandon Hufnagel a local entrepreneur has purchased the establishment. The community is looking forward to the changes he makes but are glad that the local watering hole is remaining open. Along with the restaurant, the Glen Rock Mill Inn specialty stores are opening alongside the patio. Simply Local of Glen Rock opened last month on the second floor. It features locally created crafts, handmade food products like Epics pickles and Jackson Square wines. So as your party waits to be seated at the Inn, stop up and shop.

Just steps away from the Glen Rock Mill Inn is the York County Rail Trail which, if followed south, brings you to the Arthur Hufnagel Public Library. 2018 promises to be a year full of changes for us all well. We start the year with a new library director in place who is ready to work on increasing teen and adult programs. For those who haven’t realized the library has new hours of operation. It is opening an hour earlier on Tuesday and Thursday and is now open on Friday 1 pm – 5 pm. Our patronage on Friday has been off to a slow start but now that the holidays are over, we are hoping to see more people visiting us. When MAMMA’s opens, you can then stop by the library to pick out a movie for the weekend before picking up a pizza on your way home. The library staff also has added a hot beverage station inside the door so patrons can get a cup of Joe.(Yes with a lid. We do not want any spills on our books) It is simple just ask at the desk for a k-cup of your choice and in a minute you have a hot beverage for $1.50.

York County Libraries (YCL) has seen its share of changes as well over the last year and 2018 is bringing more. YCL re-branded in October and is in the process of changing everything over to the new designs. The website has a brand new look too. Each library has its own interactive page. We are keeping you up to date with the “In the Know ” blog and a calendar of events. Just select your favorite library, Arthur Hufnagel, to see what is happening. Arthur Hufnagel Public Library has adopted the new color scheme and marketing tools as well in an effort to better service our community. Look for the new colorful banners on the building in the spring.

YCL is also planning music concerts around the county at various locations to coincide with Summer Quest. Summer Quest is the new and improved summer reading program for the children of York County. This year’s theme is “Libraries Rock”. It will be taking a broad look at reading literacy through practical use of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). At the library, we will be having some mini gigs to help get our community ready for a musical summer program. In preparation for the new STEAM approach to literacy, the fourth Saturday of each month will be dedicated to STEAM projects. So, bring the children down to the library to experience some new andMother and daughter reading together exciting activities. In the fall, teens from around the county will be participating in another round table and lecture series on another tough topic, “Body Image.” Last years “Opiod” series was such a huge success that the kids want to keep it going. Encourage your young adults (13 and up) to get involved.

All I can say is, “WOW!”. YCL and Arthur Hufnagel have so many things happening that one’s head will spin. In spite of recent cuts to the YCL budget (as well as the Arthur Hufnagel’s), we are planning to continue to provide our community with the quality of programs and services we have in the past if not better. Look forward to seeing our community members at one or more of our events/ programs. May the New Year bring you and your family many blessings as we here at Arthur Hufnagel are blessed.