Times Changing in the Valley

Well, about a year ago the Arthur Hufnagel Board had a problem to solve.  Pennsylvania State government informed them that the library needed to increase the hours of operation by 6 hours.  Oh my, what were they to do.  The director at the time had just resigned.  SO, the Board asked for a waiver  in order to find a director and was grant it for one year.   Over the last few months, the director situation was finally resolved.  But, the clock was ticking for the change in hours of operation.  The state deadline of December 31st was fast approaching.  

As the new director, I was made aware of the hour situation from the first day.  So, I decided to attack this situation first thing.  I set aside the month of October for patrons to vote on possible options for the new hours.  The patrons were provided with three options in which two included Friday hours.  For me, it was a great way to meet the patrons and learn about the needs to the community.  I was surprised by the number of patrons who wanted Friday hours.  As October came to an end, we celebrated the annual Taste of the Valley event.  That weekend the votes were tallied and sealed until the next Board meeting on November 13th. 

Very official voting system here at Arthur Hufnagel.  The results were very telling.  The community had spoken.  The majority of voters wanted the library open on Friday like I had thought.  On Monday at the board meeting the Members approved the “new” hours of operation a head of the state deadline.  So as of December 4, 2017, Arthur Hufnagel Public Library will be changing its hours.

Note: These hours are outdated. Please visit our library’s homepage to view current hours.

Drum roll PLEASE,  the hours are……

Monday and Wednesday * 11-7

Tuesday and Thursday * 10-7

Friday * 1-5

Saturday * 9-4

Sunday Closed

The Staff and Board look forward to providing more hours of operation to our community for their reading and viewing enjoyment.