Important Service Changes Happening Now

Here’s the Scoop…

Things are happening quickly now in preparation for our library’s big move to 70 Newberry Commons in the Newberry Commons Shopping Center.  If you have visited you have noticed the empty shelves, packed boxes of library books, and some of our interior doors removed.  They will be repurposed in the new site.

Big Changes Regarding Holds and Book Check Out During the Move

Here are the most important things you need to know right now:

  1. Our internet will be disconnected very soon.  We do not know the exact date. It could be in five days, less or more.   
  2. When the Internet is disconnected, we will no longer be able to check out books.  
  3. If you have holds, PLEASE pick up them up as soon as possible. 
  4. Please do not place any additional holds until we are in the new location.  

Things are moving fast now!!!!!