Using Beanstack for GO York – SummerQuest 2024

What is Beanstack?

Beanstack is the website and mobile application (Android & Apple iOS) that is used for logging your reading and activities during SummerQuest and other York County Libraries’ programs.

From this site, you can track your books and time spent reading, activities you’ve accomplished, and the GO (Get Outdoors) York parks you’ve visited.

Why should I use Beanstack?

GO York is being tracked digitally! While you still have your physical rubbing sheets and booklets, we will be tracking everyone’s progress digitally through Beanstack, including our prize drawings.

By collecting data from your logged parks, GO York can receive the proper funding from year to year, allowing this program to remain free for all!

How do I know if I’ve earned an entry into the prize drawing?

Through Beanstack, you earn virtual badges! Each virtual ‘point’ badge you earn counts as another entry into the GO York drawing.

You can earn up to five entries into the GO York drawing:

  • 3 Logged Hikes = 1 Badge & 1 Participation Prize; No Entries
  • 4-10 Logged Hikes = 1 Badge & 1 Entry
  • 11-19 Logged Hikes = 1 Badge & 2 Total Entries
  • 20-29 Logged Hikes = 1 Badge & 3 Total Entries 
  • 30 Logged Hikes = 2 Badges & 5 Total Entries

Getting Started with Beanstack

Before creating your free account, you and all of your GO participants will need their own library card. If you need a library card, please fill out our online application.

Learn the Basics

Read our Beanstack Tips and Tricks page for detailed instructions on logging, creating an account, and much more!

Log your Park Posts on Beanstack