Friends of the Library Week: Oct 15-21

Friends of the Library Week runs from October 15-21, 2023

It’s Friends of the Library Week!

What is a Friend of the Library? Library Friends support libraries through a variety of fundraisers! These include fundraising events that support the general operations of the libraries. Events are also used to fundraise for special projects such as the Kate Warner memorial pavilion at Glatfelter Library and helping the debut Brogue Community Tree Lighting event take place. Friends Groups also help build community excitement for all that local libraries offer!

What have Friends done?

In York County, our Friends get creative! Friends Groups have done book, plant, jewelry, and puzzle drives, and then rehomed these items during community sales which support their local library. Groups have also held craft sales; raffles and drawings for everything from a bushel o’ crabs to Disney tickets; participate and represent the library at local community events like the Hellam Township Carnival; and overall have been great assets to helping libraries make a real impact!


Our Friends groups are active at over a dozen libraries. Friends of the Library Week is a great time to celebrate these people who volunteer their time, expertise, energy, and creativity! Here are some roles that Friends Groups have filled on behalf of their libraries:\

  • Give Local York fundraisers
  • Peach sundae slingers
  • Funnel cake crafters
  • Writers (and sellers) of specialty local cookbooks
  • Bakers of delicious “Pi”es for Pi Day
  • Volunteers at Red White and Brew
  • Coordinators of ChocolateFest
  • Planners of Community Aid drives
  • Organizers of silent auctions for a variety of things, like beautiful gift baskets, art and even designer bag bingo
  • Handcrafters of a variety of things sold to support the library, including beautiful handmade quilts, hand-knit Christmas stockings, and bookmarks

…this list could go on!

Wanna be our Friend?

If this sounds like something you’d love to get involved in, visit our Friends of the Library page to fill out a quick signup form. We’ll get back to you with opportunities to share your talents!

Thank you to all our Friends (past, present, and future) for supporting your local libraries in such a hands-on way! You truly help our libraries do their work in York County.