hoopla Service Ending 10/31/2023

hoopla Service Ending

After Tuesday, October 31, 2023, YCL will no longer provide access to hoopla. The decision to discontinue this service is based on a number of factors. These include the availability of the most checked-out items elsewhere in our collections; low usage of the service among our members; and the increasing costs of the service.

Help us help you!

We know there are items in hoopla you may have had your eye on, and there might not be time for you to enjoy those items before hoopla is discontinued. 

Tell us what they are!

We are ready and waiting to fill in any gaps that might be created by having to discontinue hoopla. There are several ways to put these requests in. We welcome your requests!

  • image of Libby showing the Place Hold optionPlace holds! If you see an eBook or eAudiobook in Libby, place a hold on it. (Yes, even if it looks like there’s weeks to wait!) When an item gets a lot of holds, we purchase more digital copies to allow more people to check that book out faster. So it’s always worth clicking that Place a Hold button!

    • This isn’t only true for eBooks. If you see something in the catalog that you’re interested in, place a hold on it so we know that lots of people are excited for that book!

  • Use Notify Me to tell us about books we do NOT own in eBook, digital comic book, e-Graphic Novel, or eAudiobook form. It works very similarly to Place a Hold. Click here to watch a short video from Libby explaining how to turn “notify me” on, if you do not see this as an option in your app.
  • Request a Purchase! Use our online form that you can use to request items of any format. Just fill in the information, make sure you give us a good email address to reply to you, and we’ll take it from there! Use the form here.

By the Numbers

Before we made this decision, we carefully examined YCL’s service offerings. What we learned:

Out of the Top 100 titles checked out on hoopla…
…all of the items are available in multiple formats elsewhere in our collections.

Only 4% of items circulated in YCL come from hoopla…
…nearly all of those items are available elsewhere, at a more sustainable cost to YCL.

Barely 1% of all YCL cardholders are currently using hoopla…
…among our members, Libby has been increasingly popular for accessing eBooks and eAudios.

I’m a hoopla user. What do I need to do?

If you would like to save your checkout history from hoopla, now is the time! You’ll need to either write down the books you’ve checked out or take a screenshot (picture) of the items in your hoopla history. YCL does not keep or have access to this information.

You will also want to finish checking out any books by end of the business day (about 4pm) on October 31, 2023. Access to the app, any information in the app, and access to all hoopla books will end. visual guide for saving history out of the hoopla app

How to find checkout history:

    1. Go to hoopla App
    2. Select My hoopla
    3. Select history
    4. Write down or take a screenshot of the information

If you see titles or authors in hoopla but not in other media, tell us about them so we can get them for you!

Where else do I find eBooks and eAudios?

Most people should see little to no effect from the hoopla service ending. For those who do use hoopla but have not explored beyond that service, we invite you to check out these other great options from York County Libraries:


Libby by OverDrive logo

Libby (by OverDrive) York County Libraries reintroduced this great eBook and eAudiobook service in February 2023. Libby books work on nearly any ereader, tablet, or phone, including black-and-white Kindles (2016 and newer) and Kindle Fires (2016 and newer).

  • Available 24/7, explore our digital collection at your convenience.
  • It’s easy to put titles on hold and get notifications for items in Libby.
  • If your hold is ready before you are, Libby lets you delay your checkout—while saving your spot!
  • Want something right now? Try one of Libby’s quarterly Big Read picks for instant checkout across the county.

Use POWER Library electronic resources including: 

  • Gale eBooks – academic-focused resources for middle school
  • TrueFLIX – fun nonfiction deep-dive eBooks on a variety of subjects for grade school! Highly interactive; incorporates learning games to test your understanding. Also includes lesson plans to expand on the books.
  • BookFLIX – fiction story eBooks with professional narrators are paired with nonfiction eBooks on the same subject, perfect for beginning readers. Interactive and has lots of fun games to try. Also includes lesson plans to expand on the books.


  • There are thousands of eAudiobooks on Libby. If there’s a wait list, be sure to place a hold to secure your spot.
  • CD Audiobooks are also available for checkout at libraries!
  • Movies, documentaries, TV seasons, & music albums are also searchable in the catalog
  • Visit a library! Many YCL locations offer DVDs, Blu-ray and CDs to borrow or rent. Browse library shelves or search YCL’s online catalog and place a hold.

Comics & graphic novels

  • Check out Libby for digital comics and graphic novels.
  • Search the online YCL catalog and browse the shelves at your library for print comics and graphic novels.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for?

  • Did you know? You can request items using our Can’t Find It? Webform here. We will do our best to find a copy and bring it to York County for you to enjoy!

Further questions?

Email us at [email protected]!

This page updated October 2, 2023