Featured Artists: Kirby Heltebridle and Gail Wine Mancha

Our two artists for May and June, Kirby Heltebridle and Gail Wine Mancha, come to us from the Hanover Arts Guild. Their work will be up through June 2023.

Kirby Heltebridle

Kirby Heltebridle is a native of Hanover, PA, and has been an active artist since 1984. He creates acrylic paintings which range in subject matter from traditional landscapes to futuristic fantasy works. He also creates metal sculpture assembled from various found objects. Kirby has won over 60 awards for his paintings and has over 400 pieces in corporate and private collections. He is a member of the Hanover Area Arts Guild and the Art Association of Harrisburg.


Gail Wine Mancha

Gail Wine Mancha: “My inspiration is varied: the love of a close friend, a trip to Italy, a brilliant sky, ominous storm clouds, or simply a serene farm setting.  As a realist painter, the image in front of me is what I hope to convey with emotion on the canvas.  Each portrait is another opportunity to share faces and forms. Light shining through leaves and moonlit fields beg to be on canvas.

“My challenge is to loosen up my strokes, to be bold. Although oils are my go-to, wet watercolors seduce as they seep into each other or feather onto paper.  I’ve always been attracted to the smell of oil paint, so I keep returning to them.  Some nights an image chases away sleep, and I can barely wait until morning to paint it. But when ambition sinks low, it’s time to visit an art gallery or walk along a lake or stream for inspiration.  I might also flip through an art book. If the empty canvas scares me, I give it a loose application of runny paint, the color depending on the subject.

If someone would like to contact me, please leave a message at 717-654-2523. 

I hope you enjoy viewing my paintings as much as I did creating them.”

Visit Dillsburg Area Public Library

Dillsburg Area Public Library is located at 204 Mumper Lane, Dillsburg, PA.

Open hours for June 2023 are: 

  • Mon 10am – 8pm
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Come make the trip and see these lovely artworks in June!