23 in 2023

Are you up to the #23in2023 challenge?

While everyone is thinking about how to spend their brand-new year, we’d like to offer a challenge! In 2023, York County Libraries is running “23 in 2023,” a year-long, 23-book reading challenge on Beanstack! 

Register here!


Readers aged 13 and up with York County Libraries cards (especially adults!) are welcome to join in the challenge. Readers who turn 13 during the year may start the challenge after their birthday.


According to a Gallup Poll from early 2022, the average American adult reports reading just over 12 books in a year. We happen to be of the opinion that York County is twice as good!

Plus, there’s proof that reading offers lots of great benefits. These include making readers kinder, improving the brain, having a better vocabulary, and decreasing stress.

So if you’re up for trying the challenge, read on!

How does it work?

Register in the Beanstack app or online at https://yorklibraries.beanstack.com/reader365 at any time during the year using your own York County Libraries card. (Don’t have one? Sign up here!) Then use the Beanstack App or website to track your books.

When you enter your library card, you’ll enter all 14 digits on the back of your YCL card (do not include spaces). If asked, your PIN is the last 4 digits of the full card number.

If you do not have home internet, you can come into the library and use our wifi to log your books in the app. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can request one of our computers and log your books online. It’s simple and easy!

Need help? We have video how-tos and instructions to help you get started using Beanstack. Click here to visit the page.


You may complete the challenge any time during 2023. Want to read five books in a month? Go for it. You’d rather take it one book every few weeks through the year? No problem! Books count when:

  • you’ve started a book and logged it,
  • you’ve read the whole book, and
  • you’ve marked the book as “complete” in the app (or on the website)

Handwritten lists will not count for the purposes of this challenge.  (We encourage you to log the titles and authors of your books. You can type in this info when starting a new book, or you can use the built-in barcode scanner to fill in the information for you!) 

What counts?

Books! Fiction or nonfiction. Print books, eBooks, audiobooks, eAudiobooks… they all count! Books should be started and completed during 2023.

You do not have to read library books to complete this challenge, but remember we have many resources to help you find that next great read—and with 700,000+ print items and over a million digital items, we’ve got a lot of “great reads” to offer you.

To keep you encouraged, you’ll earn fun digital badges in the app as you read your books and log your titles. Bonus activities will appear monthly. These bonus activities are not required to finish the challenge. But they’re a great way to explore a topic more deeply, or give yourself an excuse to do something fun.

What do you get?

The satisfaction of having read TWICE as much as the rest of the average American, and the enjoyment of many books, of course! 23 in 2023

…OK, also, prizes while supplies last (halfway-point prize pickup will start in April 2023). After logging your 13th book, you’ll earn a YCL silicone phone wallet. To pick up your prize, show the librarian your 13th book badge in Beanstack. Please see this website for instructions on how to log books in the app or on the Beanstack website to earn your digital badges.

When you complete the challenge of reading 23 books, you’ll get your choice of a sticker or commemorative pin! Bragging rights are complementary.

It’s Okay to Brag (a Little)

As you earn badges in Beanstack, shout your achievement to the world!

Don’t forget to “at tag” York County Libraries using @YorkCountyLibraries on Facebook and Instagram. Use #23in2023 to join the conversation online and cheer one another on. Let’s all get some good reading done in 2023!