1000 Books 2022 Celebration

It’s nearly time to celebrate!

  Author Marie Lamba, her book "A Day so Gray" and the YCL 1000 Books LogoWe’re excited to welcome author Marie Lamba to Martin Library! She’s our guest of honor at this year’s 1000 Books Before Kindergarten celebration on September 9.  Have you finished your 1000 books yet? There’s still time to catch up! The last day* to hit 1000 books for this year’s celebration is August 31, 2022. 

Our celebration will have a special children’s activity and Marie Lamba reading her book A Day So Gray. The 1000 Books completers (and their grownups) will each come up on stage to receive a personalized certificate.

A professional photographer will be on hand to capture your family at this moment. As our gift to you, each 1000 Books family will receive a complimentary digital copy of their family photo. Our evening reception will have music, dancing and refreshments as part of the festivities as well. 

1000 Books Finishers

JOIN US September 9 2022. Image: the 1000 Books on the big screen

You and your kids have been doing a lot of reading and logging. We love seeing your milestone pictures as you climb from zero books all the way up to a thousand! Those big smiles on the little faces are so wonderful to see… because it means kids are excited about stories and reading. 

Not familiar with the 1000 Books program? Learn more about the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program here and get signed up!


Still time to complete!

If you’re still on your journey to 1000 books, this year’s last date* to log your books is August 31. All registered children who have logged their 1000th book by then will be invited to our celebration event in September. As a friendly reminder, the Beanstack app allows you to scan the publisher’s barcode on a book to log it. It also allows for you to add multiple books at once.

Not sure how to log? Watch our 90 second video here: How to Log Books and Minutes Simultaneously in the Beanstack Tracker App

Any books your child hears count! This includes

  • re-reading the same book. Each time you read the book, it counts again!
  • attending Story Times at the library, during daycare, or while at preschool
  • listening to audio books or digital interactive books like those available on BookFLIX

*If you do not complete 1000 books by August 31, 2022, don’t worry! The program carries over year to year on a rolling basis. You’ll be part of the next year’s celebration after you log your child’s thousandth book! Just keep reading and logging!


blurred out pic of children dancing at the 2019 celebration of 1kbk

This year’s celebration event is on Friday, September 9, at 6pm in the newly renovated Martin Library in York. 1000 Books families will get an email invitation by September 1, 2022. 

You’ll meet local author Marie Lamba, who joins us for a special activity for the children. She will also read A Day So Gray. Professional photos, participate in a commencement ceremony and reception with music, dancing and refreshments are part of the festivities. 

Get started!

If you haven’t registered your child for 1000 Books yet, you can register them any time before they begin Kindergarten. Some families have completed their journeys to 1000 books in less than a year, so it’s never too late!

Have older children? First graders who are going to school in York County, PA can get a special GOAL (Grade One At the Library) card during September of their first grade year. Older kids are set for participating in Beanstack Reading Challenges, educational and fun library events, or even volunteering (teens and up)! You can learn more about events and opportunities on our Events Calendar. Use the filters to show age-appropriate events.