Featured Artist: Jeanney Wharton

Editors Note: The Dillsburg Area Public Library’s featured artists for July and August 2022 is Jeanney Wharton. Our art wall coordinator, Shelby Pizzarro, caught up Wharton.

What is the source of your inspiration?

My source of inspiration is my life. Where I am and Where I’m from. My passion for all art and my gratitude for being able to live it. The beautiful landscapes and life that I have in Pennsylvania and the core inspiration from the culture of where I from, Louisiana.

How would you describe your art?

My art has changed throughout the years and I am still discovering new styles but find that I always come back to landscapes. Currently I am working in acrylic and clay doing abstract with a hint of representational work.

What do you enjoy most about creating new art?

Everything! The uncertainty, the vulnerability, and the exploration. I sometimes have a plan but allow myself to stray from the plan and just enjoy the process.

How do you start new work? Is your process always the same? If not, how does it change?

Sometimes there is intention but sometimes the first stroke begins the story. Sometimes all it takes is to lay out color choices and let the ideas run or instincts flow.

Do you have a favourite or “go to” technique when starting a work?

Mark making, create the main character by painting a shape, lay your darks and lights in and let the rest evolve.

Do you have a favourite medium? Has your preference changed over the years?

Acrylic and clay. YES! I love working in many mediums and have done quite a few throughout the years but the most constant have been acrylic and clay.

Do you ever experience a creative block? If so, how do you rejuvenate your creativity?

Yes! I go to an art show or gallery. Or take a hike in the woods to be inspired by nature. Peruse art magazines or simply step away from all art things and do something completely opposite.

How have you managed to stay creative during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Taking the opportunity to think internally and minimizing external influences. Cultivating my studio into the space I want it to be.

Do you have a favourite/inspirational quote?

‘Art Is Work’ by Milton Glazer. I’ve always appreciated this quote because it’s the practice I choose to take. I have so much gratitude that I’m in a situation where I can do what I love so to respect that I embrace the structure of creating as my job.

Do you have any current or future projects you’d like to share?

I usually have a new series of work in progress and I teach various art workshops at the Carlisle Arts Learning Center.

If someone is interested in your work, how can they reach you?

I can be reached via email or social media:

[email protected]