Get Ready to Prepare Your Income Taxes

Get ready to prepare your income taxes: we can help

Our libraries can help you with your income taxes.  You read that right! York County Libraries are teaming up with experts in our community to help you prepare your income taxes with a little less pain this year. Imagine, stress-free tax filing… It could happen…

Here’s how we can help

While our libraries do not file your taxes or complete them for you, we can lead you to discover resources to help make tax preparation stress-free and smooth sailing.  Our 13 libraries can help anyone get on the right track every tax year. We provide information on where you can file your taxes online for free, also we can connect you to great community organizations & groups that can provide you with one-on-one tax assistance. We can also help you print out the forms you need. 

Tax forms and booklets are available to download and print **

Free help preparing your income taxes is available

Free income tax efiling, or electronic filing, is available

Pennsylvania Income Tax Forms

Sadly, Pennsylvania no longer provides printed tax forms or booklets to libraries. Instead, you can click here to link to all of this year’s forms and information needed to you to get started preparing your 2018 income taxes.

Federal Income Tax Forms

The IRS does provide printed 2018 1040 tax forms and booklets to our libraries.  Unfortunately with the recent federal government shut down, the IRS is a bit behind in shipping printed forms to libraries.  Please call your local library to see if their shipment of 1040 forms and booklets has arrived.

**If you cannot print at your home, we are more than happy to help you print your forms at our locations for a small fee. 

Contact Your Local library today to ask questions and learn how they can help get ready to do your taxes.

York County Libraries are only a phone call away

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  • Glen Rock| Arthur Hufnagel: 717-235-1127
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