Thank You From York County Libraries

Dear Friends of York County Libraries: 
Robert F. Lambert
Over the last several months, the York County Commissioners and Library officials have shared a spirited dialogue about the role of our County Government in annually funding our libraries. 
During our conversations, we learned from each other while better appreciating the challenges and opportunities facing County Government and our York County Libraries. We are confident that the 2019 County budget review process that includes the library system and all community partners will be thorough and deliberate for all concerned.
Many thanks to the leadership of the County Commissioners and for your support as a library member.
I view our conversations with the County Commissioners and your advocacy for the restoration of funds as a positive experience and a master class in leadership for all. These conversations have enabled all parties to evaluate objectively past practices and to improve understanding of how county and municipal funding is vital to allow us to maintain minimum performance State standards. 
Meeting such performance standards will in turn secure State Aid from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These vital sources of funds will enable us to continue to offer the robust range of services and resources that you expect from your community’s library year-in and year-out.
We look forward to restoring normal hours of operations at our branch libraries, restoring book and multi-media purchases and librarian and staff services.
Thank you for your passionate support of our York County Libraries and your local library during the last few months. There is a time for advocacy and speaking your values, and there is a time for gratitude, appreciation and collaboration.  
Now is the time for the latter. We now have discontinued our advocacy campaign. 
Let us then look to the future with optimism and good will. When you see a Commissioner and as the spirit moves you, please join me in thanking President Commissioner Susan Byrnes, Vice President Doug Hoke, and Commissioner Chris Reilly for their service. 
I am honored to know them and to work with them.
More than ever, I also am proud to lead this magnificent organization and to know the passion, loyalty, and devotion that you feel for our libraries. 
Stay tuned for news in the weeks ahead, as County Government and York County Libraries launch a pilot program intended to rescue victims of our opioid crisis and nurture a thriving York County for all. 
We look forward to attending the County Commissioners’ meeting on May 30 and giving a few appropriate remarks of gratitude, collaboration and policy explanation so the public is fully apprised of our working partnership and how RACP will benefit them. We are pleased that the County has agreed to be the municipal taxing authority for the YCL’s RACP and Keystone Grants.
From the depths of my soul, thank you so much to you our most cherished members, to our remarkable team of employees, to our supportive and encouraging Board of Directors and to our dedicated County Commissioners. 
Because of all of the above and because of you, we will continue to be able to do what we do best – build communities and transform lives – and more. Together, our best is yet to come!    
Sincerely yours,
Robert F. Lambert, President
York County Libraries