Rainbow Leads to Infinite Treasures

On her drive into York, YCL Graphic Designer Jill Magee captured this picture of a rainbow arching over Martin Library.  Being an Irish girl at heart, I automatically was curious about which way I should go to find the pot of gold. Yes, I still believe and don’t tell anyone.  I was actually wondering if I could beat the Leprechauns to it.  After all, I would have a great head start.  They have a wee bit of travel to get here from the Emerald Isle.

But as reality started to rush over me, I started thinking about the rainbow leading to knowledge. There it was – magnificiently arching over a library – the place that welcomes absolutely everyone to come in to discover, learn, and explore whatever it is they need or want to learn.

Young children learn new words and concepts that start them on a successful path to school. Teens gather in a safe place where they can fuel their potential to make a difference in the world. Adults gather the knowledge they need to land that next job, start a business, or learn a new language.

This Rainbow leads to infinite treasures. The beauty of it is that each individual who enters a library can personally pick the nuggets of knowledge, inspiration, and opportunity that will enrich him infinitely.

P.S. Ready to discover your own infinite pot of gold?  Race the Leprechauns to one of our libraries! We promise you…even they can’t carry all the shared riches you will behold.