Five Fun Things You Can Do With Your YCL Card Today

Chances are if you are one of our regular library visitors, you have found more than five great ways to use your library card.  However, our libraries are continually offering new services and programs.  In fact, sometimes it is hard for us to keep up!  So, to help us all out, we have put together a quick list.

Five Fun Things You Can Do with YCL Card Today 

  1. Read, watch, or listen anytime, anywhere! Get instant access to over 88,000 books, movies, and audiobooks from our website.  Comedy, drama, romance, educational…simply pick, click, and enjoy!
  2. LOL at a family-friendly event at the library. We host some funny magicians, musicians, and other entertainers at the library.  Not to mention our storytellers who get a bit silly…much to the amusement and delight of the kids. 
  3. Grab a cookbook (or three) and try some new recipes. More specifically, we highly recommend titles geared to baking, desserts, chocolate, cupcakes, and candy.   Occasionally, you may have a library volunteer or staff member, offer to sample the sweet results! 
  4. Hop on Wi-Fi or a library computer. Bring your own digital device and settle into a comfortable spot at the library to use our Wi-Fi or sign in with your library card to hop on one of the public access computers. 
  5. Talk books! Join in a fun and engaging book discussion.  There are groups who talk about mysteries, fiction, and even cookbooks.  Did we mention there is a tasting component to the latter?

Check back for more tips to put your YCL membership into action.  Do you have a favorite way to use the library? Let us know on Facebook.