Access to Justice in York County


November 28, 2023 

Paul Smith Library to Host Human Rights Day Panel Discussion

Local Professionals to Address “Access to Justice” in York County  

Shrewsbury, PA Paul Smith Library of Southern York County is hosting an upcoming panel discussion regarding “Access to Justice” in York County. Presented in partnership with the Rotary Club of Southern York County, the discussion will be held at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, December 14. Open to the public, the free event will be presented at the library, located at 80 Constitution Avenue in Shrewsbury. This is the fifth annual panel discussion planned in recognition of Human Rights Day.  

“We believe that every person in our community deserves affordable access to the legal system,” says Michele Lefler, director of the Paul Smith Library of Southern York County. 

The panel discussion will focus on the efforts and initiatives underway in York County to ensure that the legal needs of its citizens are met. “Access to Justice” is not merely a legal concept; it’s a cornerstone of a just and equitable society. Community members are invited to participate, engage, and learn about the strides being made to guarantee this fundamental right for everyone in York County.  

Panelists for the event include representatives from key pillars of the legal system, such as the York County Bar Association, the District Attorney’s office, the Public Defender’s office, and other notable figures. Their insights and expertise will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the collaborative measures involved in providing access to justice in our communities.  

“What I think is impactful about this annual program is how it pinpoints and explores critical issues in our communities. And, how it builds knowledge and understanding by directly connecting invested professionals with community members,” says York County Libraries President Robert F. Lambert.  

For information about the “Access to Justice” panel discussion, please contact the library’s director Michele Lefler at (717) 235-4313, or [email protected].  This event is a Civic & Social Literacy event. PA Forward defines Civic & Social Literacy as the ability to engage in discourse while remaining respectful of other individuals of varying opinions, to understand the importance of community and engagement which allows individuals to interact with one another in a participatory manner, and to invoke change in an area.  

The Paul Smith Library of Southern York County is located at 80 Constitution Avenue in Shrewsbury, between the YMCA and Post Office.  For directions, library hours, and more information, contact the library at (717) 235-4313 or go to 



Michele Lefler
Paul Smith Library of Southern York County
[email protected]

Deb Sullivan
Community Relations Director
York County Libraries
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