We Can Help You: Create Eager Readers

Make Books Come to Life with Bookflix!

Bookflix from Scholastic is a great way to help both eager learners and reluctant readers see how big and wonderful the world of reading can be! It’s especially great for kids who don’t think stories matter, or for those who think “nonfiction” means “this is a boring book.” Bookflix can show them how exciting they are! All you need is an Internet-enabled device, like a smartphone, tablet—or come use the WiFi or a computer at your local library.

Bookflix is available for FREE with your YCL library card. First, WATCH a fun video of a great story narrated by many Oscar-Award winning actors, and then READ a companion nonfiction book to learn more about the same topic. There are hundreds of video-and-book pairs available on a variety of subjects, like Animals, Nature, ABCs, Celebrations, Music, and more.

Closed Captioning in the videos is available for those who want to read along (many have an en Espanol option too). The nonfiction book has a Read Aloud audio option to help new readers learn tricky new words.

But Wait, There’s More!

For readers who want to explore even deeper (or maybe just need some fun practice), there are interactive games to play. Readers can see how well they understood the book, or quiz themselves on new words. They can learn about the person who wrote the books, and kid-safe Internet links are offered for those who REALLY get excited about a topic and want to learn MORE MORE MORE. If you’re a teacher or a homeschooler, there are even lesson plans to help your students make the most out of this great (and fun!) resource.

Target Audiences:

Bookflix is aimed at Pre-K through 2nd grade-level readers. It’s a good option for readers in 3rd through 5th grades that might just need a little catching up! It aligns with Pre-K-2 Common Core Standards for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Digital Media Use.