A Day in the Life of a Library Assistant–Covid Edition

In December of 2019 I wrote a blog article describing an average day working at the Paul Smith Library, which you can read here.
Due to the current pandemic we are experiencing though, A LOT has changed. The following is an updated version of a typical day during these not-so-typical times.
9:30AM: I still arrive half an hour before the library opens to help prepare for the day, but first I put my mask is on and I take my temperature. Instead of checking in books from the book drop at this time, I carefully transport those books to our quarantine area where they will stay for at least 1 week before being checked in.
10:00AM: The library is now open and I greet people as they come in. It is nice to see those familiar faces coming in to browse again after periods of closure and curbside pickup only.
11:30AM: The library is not as busy as it used to be but there is still plenty to do! I have just finished checking out the holds to patrons and bagging them up to be placed in the Heritage Room for curbside pickup. Now it is time to check in the books ready to come out of quarantine and backdate them so any fines accrued during that time are erased.
12:00PM: I take a few minutes while we are not busy to disinfect high-touch surfaces like the doors and circulation counter.
1:00 PM: I still enjoy reading a book while I eat lunch in the kitchen, but I eat alone now and when I am done, I clean the table (as well as anything else I’ve touched) with disinfectant.
2:00PM: In between helping people at the front desk, I continue to work on inventory. I’m on the Non-fiction section now and I am enjoying getting to know our collection better. 
3:00PM: A new role I have taken on this year is processing Interlibrary Loan items, or ILLs. Whenever someone needs a book that cannot be found in York County, they can request an ILL. I also send out books from our collection to libraries outside of York County to borrow. I really love getting to help people find the books they want!
5:00PM: The library is now closed and I disinfect any areas where I have been working. I still love working at the library and using its resources to bring joy to the children I care for at my other job. However–I am very excited to leave so I can take my mask off!