Top 5 Reasons to get a York County Libraries Library Card

1.    It’s Free!

Imagine being able to go on an unlimited shopping spree at Barnes & Noble for the grand cost of $0. That’s what you’re getting with your library card, and so much more. 


Not only does your library card give you access to a vast array of eBooks, but thousands of free digital movies and audios are available to you as well. The best part – browse & download them from home in your pajamas.

3.    Expert Help

As much good information is out there, there’s just as much dis-information. Your library has trained librarians to help you navigate the web and other resources, ensuring that what you find is valuable and trustworthy.

4.    Student Success

For students, a library card is a ticket to a wealth of educational books, reports, and articles. Most school libraries have limited hours, so many students turn to their public library for valuable resources and expert guidance.

5.    Life-Long Education

Whether you’re a pre-k student learning the foundations of reading, or a senior who’s following his or her passion, the library is here to help you continue to learn and grow. And if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll find it somewhere else and bring it in for you. And, by the way, did I mention that it’s all free?