SummerQuest 2019 | A Universe of Stories

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What is SummerQuest (SQ)?

Visit our SummerQuest page to learn about our annual summer reading program.

Get your Library Card

Every child participating will need his or her own library card to register. Sign up for your card online or stop by your local library to apply.

Key Dates

  • May 19: Early online registration begins
  • June 1: Begin recording minutes
  • June 1: Kickoff Events at:
  • July 13: Planetarium 200 Minute Celebration Event
    • 200+ Minute Achievers (ages 6+) will be invited to attend our celebratory event at the York Learning Center Planetarium
  • August 18: 800 Minute Celebration at the York Revolution Game
  • August 18: 2019 SummerQuest ends

View our SummerQuest 2019 Newspaper

Print your library’s SummerQuest Event Schedule

Collinsville SQ Schedule Dillsburg SQ Schedule Dover SQ Schedule
Red Land SQ Schedule Hufnagel SQ Schedule Guthrie SQ Schedule
Kreutz Creek SQ Schedule Village SQ Schedule Kaltreider SQ Schedule
Paul Smith SQ Schedule Glatfelter SQ Schedule Mason Dixon SQ Schedule
Martin SQ Schedule Salem Square SQ Schedule York City Free Meal Schedule

Track Your Minutes

To win any of our big prizes, be sure to log your minutes. You can download a printable tracking sheet or log your minutes in our digital tracking service, Beanstack. (Mobile App also available)

Minutes can be counted for any of the following activities:

  • Reading/listening to a book, eBook, or audio book
  • Attending library programs and events (Each one counts as 20 minutes!)
  • Taking on one of the GO York! challenges (Each one counts as 20 minutes!)

A Galaxy of Prizes

We’re offering some truly out-of-this-world prizes. Free food, tickets to events, telescopes… the prizes get bigger and better the more minutes you

Some of this year’s prizes include:

  • One free pass to Roll ‘R’ Way
  • A raffle ticket to win a telescope at one of the York County Astronomical Society events (Must be present to win)
  • Free food vouchers to some of your favorite restaurants
  • An invitation to the York Learning Center’s Planetarium Event (200 minutes; ages 6+)
  • Free tickets to Maize Quest Fun Park (600 minutes) and York Revs Game on August 18 (800 minutes)

If you complete the 800 Minute SummerQuest challenge by 5pm on August 10, you will be eligible for great prizes:

  • Entry into a drawing for a helicopter ride on Saturday, Aug. 17 (one winner per library; age 5+)
  • One winner will arrive in Revs Stadium via helicopter to throw out the first pitch at the 8/18 York Revolution game (highest total minutes; age 5+)

Appearing Across the County

Are you a Scout?

Scouts of all types: there’s something extra for you this summer. Any Scout who completes the following tasks will get a special patch commemorating your summer!

Your Universe of Stories Mission:

  • Complete the 800 minute challenge
  • Attend at least six SummerQuest events
  • Complete at least 10 of the 30 GO York! Challenges


GO York!

We’re partnering with GO York! again to get everyone up and moving. GO York! is hiding special carvings in different state, county, and local parks. Participants will get a sheet to collect rubbings of them.

Can you collect all 30 before the summer is through? Follow the directions in the GO York! booklet to find each space-themed carving. Bring your family or challenge a friend!

Please Note: Some of the 2019 posts have changed or moved since SummerQuest launch. These posts include Venus, Hubble, and Eclipse. View this PDF for updated directions to these posts.

SummerQuest for Babies & Toddlers

Have an infant or toddler? We have special events and activities for our pre-readers, from birth to three years old. These activities are fun for caretakers and kids, and really boost your child’s learning, reading, and speaking! Ask at your library for this enriching activity sheet!