Summer Reading Program

Summer Read

Because learning doesn’t have to end when school does…


Summer Reading Programs

Over the years, summer reading programs have evolved into something much more than simply reading for the summer months. What once started as an initiative to encourage urban school children to read has blossomed into a major community celebration!

With many programs, events, and local community partnerships, the Summer Reading Program is full of opportunities for learning and adventure. We even collaborated with Wellspan to encourage healthy summer walks in our York County Parks.

Benefits of the Summer Reading Program

  • Encourages reading as a lifelong habit
  • Allows continuous learning for students and teens, and prevents learning loss during the summer months
  • Generates an interest in the library and books
  • Creates a fun family environment
  • Participants demonstrate an enthusiasm for reading

Who can participate in the Summer Reading Program?

We encourage everyone to read during the summer, but our programs, events, and online logging system are designated for children (from infant to middle school age), and teens.

Each library will have their own unique programs for specific age groups. A few weeks before the Summer Reading Program launches, a newsletter is released showcasing the programs and events that will be held all summer long.