Digital Library Rooms with Bitmojis

Level-up your Digital Story Time experience with Bitmoji Library Rooms! Digital Library Rooms are the next step in York County Libraries’ goal to create a safe and interactive online space that the whole family to enjoy.

What are Digital Bitmoji Library Rooms?

Library Rooms use the popular Bitmoji tool to create a virtual “classroom” led by our Youth Services Program Coordinators.

Each week, our rooms will be updated to include links to books, activities, websites, and other resources that correspond with our story time themes! After you explore the current week’s room, you can then view past story time rooms.

Meet the Team!

Across the county, there are 13 York County Libraries. Each location has its own Youth Services Coordinator that plans programs and activities for youth ages birth to teen.

digital library room bitmoji staff

Explore the Rooms

Using the box below, feel free to move around the different bitmoji rooms and their coordinating story times. With links to activities, books, and more, there are plenty of things to explore.

If you need help moving to another room, click the pink arrow to take you back to the wall of story time rooms.

To watch a video, we recommend clicking the “YouTube” logo to open the video on YouTube.