One week to go in the Winter Reading Challenge!

The Adult Winter Reading Challenge wraps up this Saturday, March 3rd.  On that day, the winners of three baskets will be drawn: one from the raffle tickets submitted by the ladies, one from the raffle tickets submitted by the guys, and one from the completed BINGO cards.  

If you still need an author or two to fill out your BINGO card, consider these favorites from Krystal:
Vowel – Greg Iles
B – Bill Bryson or Alan Bradley
C – Agatha Christie
D – Diane Mott Davidson
F – Fannie Flagg
G – Andrew Gross
J – Iris Johansen
K – Jan Karon
L – Erik Larson
M – Brad Meltzer
N – Jo Nesbo
P – Louise Penny
R – James Rollins
S – John Sandford
T – JRR Tolkien
W – Randy Wayne White

If you finish reading books this week but don’t make it to the library by Saturday, prizes will still be given out next week.  Keep on reading!