Arthur Hufnagel Public Library of Glen Rock

Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Because libraries create healthier communities.

Boards of Directors are essential to maintaining the well-being of a library. Within York County Libraries, eight of our thirteen libraries have their own Board of Directors. These boards are responsible for overseeing the policies, regulations, and funds of the library, while also remaining informed on the current needs of the library. By keeping close contact with the library and its staff, the board can effectively make decisions about spending, as well as immediate and long-term objectives to better support the needs of the library.

Arthur Hufnagel Public Library Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors of Arthur Hufnagel Public Library are essential to ensuring the ongoing success of the library. Throughout the year, the board remains dedicated to adopting, monitoring, and updating library policies as well as creating a strategic plan. With a set plan, the board can then make appropriate decisions regarding the growth of the library within the community.

Other responsibilities of the board include: hiring the library director, securing funding, and maintaining the budget. Additionally, the board also reaches out to the community for financial partnerships. Funds from community partnerships aid in supporting the needs of the library, while also encouraging community involvement.

Meet Our Board Of Directors:

  • Ann Merrick

  • Ginny Leatherman

    Vice President
  • Jennifer Webb

  • Laurene Dalpezzo

  • Suzanne Linebaugh

    Library Director
  • George Brown

    Board Member
    • Helen Paglio

      Board Member
    • Jason Loudermilk

      Board Member
    • Jeanne Baublitz

      Board Member
    • Joe Heisler

      Board Member
    • Michele Marchese

      Board Member
    • Sara Bosley

      Board Member