Hufnagel is Feeling the Impact of Comic Books 

This year, we held our very first Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) in May. We were very lucky to be sponsored by Boom! Studio ComicsImage Comics and The Comics Closet, a store in nearby Shrewsbury. Free posters hung on the walls, free comics were available for giveaway, and we had gift bags of freebies for the first 15 people who showed up. Cosplayer Wes Whitlock came dressed as Wolverine, and we had a Lancaster illustrator grace us with her presence (Thank you Erica Hildebrand!). Local author Ute Perkins also made an appearance, visiting for an hour or two, books in hand to be purchased and signed. Finally, there was a large gift basket we raffled off, complete with a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, a piece of original, framed artwork by local tattooist Zach, owner of Profet Ink Tattoo here in Glen Rock, as well as loads of comics and graphic novels for all ages. We had over 400 people attend that day!  

Free Comic Book Day was originated by Diamond Distributors, the largest distributors of comics in the U.S. It was so successful at comic shops across the country, that they introduced Halloween ComicFest a few years later. Essentially: a FCBD with a Halloween theme! This event means that at your local comic book store, like The Comics Closet, you will have your choice of freebies galore! This year’s ComicFest will have a special theme…(wait for it)…Stranger Things 2! The popular Netflix show will be returning October 27, 2017.  Here at the library, we will have a variety of comics available for free, although we will not be able to carry any of the 2017 Halloween ComicFest freebies, which will be available at your local comic book store (like The Comics Closet!).  

This year is our first Halloween ComicFest as well! It is always held the Saturday before Halloween, which is October 28, 2017 this year. We plan on decorating to the hilt (we all love Halloween!) and we already have a slew of comics in place for giveaway, thanks to our sponsors. We will be doing grab bags again for the first to arrive, as well as a gift basket for raffling off. In addition, we have added a slew of new graphic novels and TP’s to our graphic novel collections, across all ages, due to the generosity of our sponsors.  

So, as we did at FCBD, for every graphic novel you check out that day, we will give you a free raffle ticket, up to five (5) raffle tickets. Come in your costumes, come as your favorite character, but just come in, and enjoy the welcoming community of your local library, no matter what you read!  


This event is Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 9:00am to 4:00pm. It is open and appropriate for all ages; this is a family friendly event! Raffle tickets will be $1 each or 6 for $5.  All raffle ticket sales will benefit the library.  If we have enough costumed patrons, we will hold a costume contest. Call 717.235.1127 with any questions!