Here’s the Scoop: We’re Moving!

Most of our regular readers know that we are in the midst of a move – but we don’t have much information to share. Red Land Community Library opened in the Newberry Commons Shopping Center in 1994. When finding us for the first time, we use landmarks like From I-83, take exit 34 North, turn left at the stop sign and we are the third building on the right – McDonald’s, Maple Donuts, Library. Well, recently our shopping center was sold and we received a notice that the new owners want our location for a retail space. But, thankfully, they also said that they value libraries and want us to move into the main shopping center building, with anchors Darrenkamp’s Market and the Rite Aid office complex.

We look around our beautifully-renovated library and can’t imagine any space that we would enjoy as much as this one. There is only one small hint of the former Bonanza Restaurant that still shines on the audiobook section from above- the salad bar lights. With a bequest from the Bamberger sisters in 2008, the library was totally transformed and reopened in March 2009. “That’s when I started working here as a staff person, helping to restock the shelves and get ready for a grand re-opening. It was a whirlwind of ‘oohs and aahs’ as people came in for the first time.”  Branch Manager Mary Beth Long welcomed everyone with a warm smile. She told staff and volunteers, “I want this to be the community center of our area” and I think it is just that. 

Some people stop by to read the newspapers, others are headed to the Bamberger Children’s Room for story time, still others are choosing audios to listen to as they commute to either York or Harrisburg. We are central to either location. The five public computers have a steady stream of users, some asking for assistance as they navigate job search sites or apply online for jobs.    

In the summertime, we provide a popular Summer Reading Program for children and teens, and a special program for babies, toddlers and preschool-age kids.

But back to the move….it is going to happen. We are renters, just like most everyone else, so we met with design architects, who know our building better than we do since they designed the renovations almost 10 years ago. They met and measured the new space and went to work fitting in our desks, bookshelves, computer stations, and toys, among everything else, and presented a plan that will work just fine. So we will be ok. We will have a grand re-opening with a new address and actually have a little more room.  We planned a few wow features that I hope people “ooh and aah” over when we welcome them into the new library location.

Here’s the Scoop will continue with updates as we get them.