Featured Artist: Kandise Druck

Editor’s Note: Kandise Druck has artwork displayed in our Artist’s Corner until the end of August 2021. Shelby Pizzaro, our art wall guru, conducted the following interview with Kandise. – KLG

•What is the source of your inspiration?

I draw most of my inspiration from creation, and feel most inspired when I am close to nature.

•How would you describe your art?

My art style varies depending on what medium I use. I would describe my sketches as more on the realism side, whereas my paintings seem to take a more stylized approach. However, throughout all of my work, one thing seems to remain the same- no matter what style or medium- my use of a particularly limited or muted color palette.

•What do you enjoy most about creating new art?

I most enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes with every finished piece. I find joy in creating a work of art that people can connect with and delight in.

•How do you start new work? Is your process always the same? If not, how does it change?

Every work of mine first starts with an idea, anything can spark an idea for me. It could be a word or phrase that someone speaks, an emotion or thought, or the beauty of nature. Once I think up an idea, I go on the search for some reference pictures and get to work on positioning and the initial rough sketch. And from there I go wherever the artwork leads me.

•Do you have a favorite or “go to” technique when starting a work?

I feel most of my works all start the same way, although I like to experiment with new techniques and styles throughout the creating process.

•Do you have a favorite medium? Has your preference changed over the years?

I have always loved working with graphite and have recently started working with both graphite and ink together, I like the contrast and how much detail you can get with it.

•Do you ever experience a creative block? If so, how do you rejuvenate your creativity?

I go through creative blocks all the time and it can be quite hard to get back into things. During this time if I do happen to feel like being creative again, my creative window of opportunity is typically quite small, and oftentimes I miss it entirely. I find that when I’m feeling uninspired sometimes its best just to take a break from things for a while and focus on something else I enjoy. Forcing creativity never works out well for me. Another thing I like to do is to work on small but fun projects. Sometimes the fulfilment of completing a work of art, and the enjoyment of creating something just for yourself can give you the encouragement to be more creative.

•How have you managed to stay creative during the COVID-19 pandemic?

My life has not changed much since or during the pandemic. I am an introverted homebody, so naturally I never really went out much. If I needed inspiration I would typically go for a walk around my property or search the Internet for images to spark my imagination.

•Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

Nothing specifically comes to mind, but I do quite like this one phrase that is said by many, and coined by no one… “It’s supposed to look like that.” In all seriousness; art is hard. We’re all human, we make mistakes. And that’s ok, that’s the beauty of it all. we’re all learning as we go.

•Do you have any current or future projects you’d like to share?

I would love to set up a small art studio and gallery for me to work in and display my finished pieces. I also strive to find a way to combine my artwork with my love for animals.

•If someone is interested in your work, how can they reach you?

Email me at [email protected].