What Is Going On, Everyone?

Who would have ever thought that us Dillsburgians would be living through an actual pandemic? I sure did not, and the library has had its triumphs and difficulties, but so has other places of employment. The staff here at the Dillsburg Library adapted, working diligently through the ever-changing situation, but one thing we all know is that these past few months have not been easy.

As a young adult, I am very lucky to be a part of this staff during a time like this, as many of my friends were looking for jobs but businesses were not hiring due to the coronavirus. I am grateful to have a source of income and the opportunity to get out of the house.

I have been doing “high schooler/teenager things” from the very beginning. My social life was never on pause, all thanks to technology that kept us together. I umpired baseball games for the spring(summer) season of Dillsburg Youth Baseball. Seeing the players smiling and having the chance to see their mates, and hearing the coaches and fans cheer really eased the pain of this situation. We were all trying to keep our sanity in check while watching a baseball game. I also have been attending monthly DECA calls, as I am a state officer, for a program run through my school, and other schools around Pennsylvania. DECA is a program that emerges leaders and future entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management.

It has been more than one year since I got my license, and the ability to drive myself places without having to lean on my parents is a blessing. With vacation plans cancelled, we all had to find ways to survive the COVID-blues. Spending a day at the lake, going to bonfires, having girl’s night, and bowling. My family and I also took a last minute trip to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, in Cooperstown, New York. All of these activities, no matter how big or small, have added happiness and memories to my summer.

I only wish for the community to see that the Dillsburg Library is adding these things, and more, into their lives as well. I am here to serve you. I love meeting people. I observe and adapt to situations. The Dillsburg Library has taught me more about the needs of patrons, and given me the satisfaction of serving my community in own home town. I never noticed how much the community actually relies on the library and the services we provide. From our tax forms and special documents, to computers and printing, to placing holds for books and browsing, I realized very quickly this is a place for people to come learn, live, and explore. I know it sounds ironic to say that I am not a fan of reading, even though I work in a library, but something about customer service and meeting new people from around the area appeals to me. With every conversation and experience, I handle it with the most respect and regard to what the customer wants and feels. The Dillsburg Library has proven time and time again that our patrons are the most loyal and friendly people.

So what have you been doing this summer? I pray that we all go back to school, work, and return to a normal life. No masks, just a good time breathing air, (not our own carbon dioxide)! The Dillsburg Library is here for you, and I am here to provide the most adequate service possible.

Taegen McCoy