Keep Escaping! Virtual escape rooms are available until September 1st.

Our teens at the Dillsburg Library have created two amazing escape rooms this year.  We have had such a positive response to our debut on July 22nd that we are making the rooms available through the end of summer.  Have adventurous kids?  They will not want to miss this opportunity!


VIRTUAL ESCAPE ROOM – Danger is imminent unless you can find the clues and solve the puzzles to navigate out of our custom website’s virtual escape room.  Put on your virtual suit of shining armor.  You will need it to survive your mysterious mission.  Get ready for The Dragon of the Dungeon!

Before you begin, we want to warn you about one technical detail.  The links in our escape room are a little tricky to navigate unless you know the secret.  What?  You want to know the secret?  Good.  That means your mind is ready for all the mysteries that await.

THE SECRET:  Instead of clicking on links, you will need to open the links in a new window or tab.  You can do that in a couple different ways.  You can click-and-hold to get a context menu.  You can drag the link into the search bar.  You can copy and paste the link into a new window.  The choice is yours.  BUT if you forget, you are doomed to start over.  Ha Ha Ha!  <–Evil laugh

Click this link to get started:

Many thanks to Mahi Patel, Ryan Stone, Sydney Grim, and Yvonne Wang.  These young people developed the characters, wrote the story, made the amazing artwork, created the puzzles, and hooked it all together for us in a custom web site.  THANK YOU!!!

MINECRAFT ESCAPE ROOM – Calling all Minecraft experts!  Escape if you dare from our online escape room built entirely in Minecraft.  Instead of the traditional SummerQuest escape room, the Dillsburg Area Public Library has gone digital!  Our expert team of Minecraft builders, designers, mechanics, and hackers have come together to present: The Castle.  This first-of-its-kind escape room will take players on a treacherous journey through the ruins of a medieval castle.  They will track down the clues and solve the puzzles of this forgotten fortress.  What adventure awaits?  What secrets lurk in its rooms?  Find out by downloading The Castle!

Below is the link to our google drive repository where you will find a file named “EscapeRoom.mcworld”.  Save this file to the computer or device where you play Minecraft.  After you have saved the file, open it to import it into Minecraft.  Once the world opens in Minecraft, explore the world to find the clues and escape The Castle.

Click this link to get started:

The easiest way to access and play our Minecraft Escape Room is on Windows 10.  Do you play on a different platform?  Check out these helpful hints for importing a world into your platform of Minecraft.

PLATFORM Helpful Link

Android Tablet

(thanks to Tiedra Marshall and her children Aman, Elan, and Tala for this helpful link)


iPad Tablet

Using Realms

You can use a free trial of realms to move worlds between different Minecraft platforms.

Many thanks to Alina Tran, Luke Semke, Nick Rizzo, and Zane Anthony for designing and building this mysterious world and to David D’Alessio for testing.  THANK YOU!!!


Have a question or need a hint?  Please contact Miss Sue at [email protected] .  Good luck and have fun!