Google Street View Tours

I have long been a fan of Google Maps and, in particular, its Street View mode. I use it if I am traveling to a new place or even to better understand geographic relationships. When going somewhere new, I use to get the ‘lay of the land” before actually seeing the land. I use it to figure out traffic, exits, and parking. I also just use it as a good way to explore the world.

While Google Street View is largely uses roads and highways, you can tour many places on foot (or even boat) as well. Businesses, museums, and other sites allow you to do a virtual walk through. Since we are unable to travel due to COVID-19, you can use Google Street View as a virtual substitute. They have thousands of places you can tour visually and virtually.

In some cases you can tour fairly far and wide, in other places you can only tour certain areas or just the grounds. If you are planning to travel somewhere in person, you also have to be mindful of when the images are done (sometimes it is difficult to tell) and remember that things may change.

Need to learn Google Maps Street View? Start here! Below is a list of some of my favorite places to tour!

Keith L. Greenawalt, Library Director


Capital City Mall 

Gettysburg National Battlefield (Devil’s Den, Little Round Top, Pennsylvania Monument, National Cemetery)

Eisenhower National Historic Site

HersheyPark (including ZooAmerica and Chocolate World)

Chickies Rock

Dutch Wonderland

Strasburg Railroad


Philadelphia Zoo

National Aquarium

Statue of Liberty

The White House

Biltmore Estate

Soldier Field (Chicago)

National World War II Museum

Mount Rushmore

Devil’s Tower

The Alamo

Grand Canyon