In-Service Day – What Are We Up To?

The Dillsburg Area Public Library will be closed on February 19th (President’s Day) for staff in-service. Like many organizations, libraries are constantly changing institutions. While our core functions as community and information centers remain the same, libraries need to evolve to stay relevant and to meet the changing needs of our communities. To that end, the staff here in Dillsburg will be spending our in-service day learning all sorts of new things to increase our knowledge and abilities.

As librarians and library staff, we are required to have continuing education. The Office of Commonwealth Libraries requires that library staff who work more than 20 hours per week receive at least 6 hours of training every two years. They also mandate that the director (like me) of each library be certified at a differing levels depend on library size. As technology changes and as the systems we use change, we need to learn and keep on top of these changes. So we will be taking a day to learn and grow!

We will also be taking part of the day to work on our collection. We will be putting things back in order and doing some general housekeeping!

We will be back and open on Tuesday, February 20th.