Restore YCL Funding

Why Libraries Matter

Libraries are a Lifeline, not a Luxury

In December, the York County Commissioners slashed $300,000 in funding to York County Libraries for 2018. This directly affects library service to you, your family, friends and neighbors. In fact, it affects all York Countians, who like you, rely on local libraries for access to books, computers, safe after-school environments, job resources, and literacy programs.

Unfortunately, the reality of a $300,000 shortfall will have a direct impact on the visitor experience. The impact of this budget cut extends into library hours, collections, technology, and programs. The most notable of which are our hours of operation. Beginning on Saturday, February 17, libraries will reduce operating hours.

When we look at what library systems in surrounding counties are receiving in county support, York County lags behind.  We are underfunded in comparison to our neighbors.  Take a look:

Library System Population County Funding Per Capita County Funding
Carroll County, MD 167,627 $9,815,120 $58.55
Baltimore County, MD 831,128 $40,629,159 $48.88
Montgomery County, MD 1,010,000 $40,707,935 $39.14
Dauphin County, PA 269,100 $5,980,449 $22.31
Cumberland County, PA 244,731 $3,346,313 $13.67
Adams County, PA 101,407 $1,027,008 $10.13
York County, PA 434,973 $2,400,000 $5.52

*Sources: Adams County 2016 Annual report, Cumberland County Funding Breakdown, Dauphin County 2016 Financial Report, York County Budget Summary- 2018Montgomery County Proposed 2017 Budget, Baltimore County Proposed 2017 Budget, Carroll County 2017 County Budget


We want to restore full library service to you as quickly as possible, but we need your help.

You deserve access to quality libraries and enriching services that improve life, learning, health and the well-being of our communities. Please join me and ask the Commissioners to restore library funding and make your voice be heard. Libraries are a lifeline not a luxury.

What Can You Do?

Fill out the form below to send a custom email to our York County Commissioners asking them to restore our $300,000 in funding, or use the contact information listed to contact them yourself.

President Commissioner Susan Byrnes

Vice President Commissioner Doug Hoke

Commissioner Chris Reilly

The Commissioners can also be reached at:

(717) 771-9964

Let Your Voice be Heard!

Thank you for showing your support of your Library!