Hotspots To Go at York County Libraries

Find UPDATED INFO for 2021 here!

The following has been edited to reflect changes to the service made in 2021. For full 2021 Hotspot Rental information, follow the above link.

YCL is happy to announce we’re trying out a new service to enrich the lives of York County residents… Wireless Hotspots!

This service will begin on Monday, December 2, 2019 at Collinsville and Martin Libraries. 

What’s a Wireless Hotspot?

It’s a portable device that allows you to take a cellular Internet connection with you. It’s perfect if you live in an area that can’t get cable Internet or if you don’t have a data plan on your cell phone right now. This is also an easy way to take a hotspot for a test drive if you’ve been thinking about buying one for yourself.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Adults 18+ years old with a YCL library card in good standing with a valid, current ID may rent a hotspot at Collinsville Library’s Main Desk or at Martin Library’s Information Services Desk on the 2nd floor. The rental cost for the Hotspots is $30 per checkout, payable by cash or card. The Hotspots check out for 4 weeks.

The essential details:

Our tryout of this service will start on Dec 2, 2019, and continue until the end of February 2020.

All hotspots will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

We will include easy set up instructions. Once set up, connect your device(s) via Wifi, and enjoy Internet on the go! 

Hotspots will shut off after their checkout period, and overdue Hotspots accrue $2 daily fees. (We can notify you via email or text if library items are getting close to their due dates.)

Hotspots also must be returned to the same library they came from, so if you check one out at Collinsville Library, please return it to Collinsville Library. A lost or damaged Hotspot will accrue a replacement fee. 

Find the expected coverage map for the Hotspots here: 


We hope this service enriches library members’ lives, helps them stay connected, and allows them to learn and grow wherever they are!