Axis360 Updates are coming

Axis360 Updates are coming on Sunday, November 25th

We’ve been enjoying Axis 360 for almost 6 months now at YCL. We’ve given the nice folks who run the system feedback on what works great, and what needs help–and they are delivering! Axis360 updates are ready for release. To provide the latest updates, the Axis 360 service will be unavailable between 6am and 12noon this Sunday, November 25.

What’s coming

So we are we getting in this update? A more responsive app that works seamlessly whether you’re using the app, the Magic Wall, or both! Axis360 developers have given the ability to search and filter results a big boost and expanded visual settings to accommodate persons with visual impairments. Alerts and notifications are also being improved to help you grab your hold when it’s your turn in line. Additionally, the Magic Wall ( is being improved to be mobile-friendly, which means you will be able to suggest purchases for missing books right from your phone!

Can I read during Sunday’s downtime?

You sure can, but you need to plan ahead.  If you think you might like to read a book from our Axis360 service during Sunday’s downtime (Sunday, November 25 6am to 12noon), make sure you download your books to your device or browser.  Once you’ve done that, you will be able to read them in offline mode. If you’ve got a smartphone or tablet, most likely your device will do this automatically (if not, just tap the “Download Now” button).

Downloading your books to read offline

For computer readers, open your book in “Read in Browser” like usual. Click the menu symbol in the upper left corner, and then choose “Offline Access.” A copy will download to your browser–you’ll get a “success” screen when complete. Make sure to bookmark the webpage so you can get back into your book while the Axis system is temporarily unavailable.

Looking for other options?

If you did not download your books before Sunday’s scheduled downtime, you can still read!  Check out our Hoopla digital service—ebooks, audiobooks, movies, and more!  There are even more choices to delight you there.