Suitable Items:
- Books not older than 5 years
- Recent best sellers
- Clean copies of classic titles
- Audio-visual materials (CD's, DVDs)
- Children's books in good condition

  Items Not Suitable:

- Books that are older than 5 years. 

- Encyclopedias, textbooks, magazines, Reader's Digest Condensed Books, record   albums and books in poor condition

- Items that are wet, mildewed, have an odor or are in otherwise extremely poor condition

We appreciate any donations that fit the above guidelines. If we can't use the items in our collection, we will sell them at our book sales. You may drop them off during library hours. Please bring the books in boxes and do not leave them outside the building.


A reciept for tax purposes is available upon request;however, it is the responsibility of the donor to provide evidence of the value of the donation in their tax filing process.

Questions? Please contact the Development Office at 717-849-6967or email