The Pennsylvania Room...

Research & Photocopying Policies


The Pennsylvania Room operates through volunteers. As with most such repositories of regional records, a charge is levied for both staff research and photocopy requests.

    Copies - $ .50 from books 

                   $1.00 from microfilm.

Research - $20.00 per hour prorated.

All proceeds are used to purchase materials for the Pennsylvania Room's collection of local histories and genealogies.


Searching for your family history?  The Pennsylvania Room at Guthrie Memorial Library in Hanover is the place to start.  Run by volunteers with a passion for history, The Pennsylvania Room houses an extensive collection of genealogical tools including church and cemetery records, ships' passenger lists, and family histories.  Library staff report that people come from all over the world to use its resources.

This extensive collection of historical records is available for onsite use when The Pennsylvania Room is open.  You can find a monthly schedule of operating hours by clicking here.

Just a glimpse of what you can find…  


  • Pennsylvania Archives           
  • Pennsylvania History
  • County Histories
  • Hanover Area Materials
  • Church Histories
  • Cemetery Records
  • Ship's Passenger Lists
  • Broadsides
  • Concert Programs
  • Family Histories
  • Over 2,000 old photographs
  • School Yearbooks
  • Hanover Directories
  • Hanover Area Veterans (News Clips)
  • Marriage Indices
  • Obituaries
  • Old Deeds
  • Maryland Church, Cemetery & Census Records
  • Local Catholic Church Registers
  • St. Bartholomew's Union Church Register
  • St. Mark's Lutheran Church Register
  • Microfilm  click for holdings

In addition to this specialized collection, several York County Libraries have resources that may aid your search.  Using our online catalog, search the word "genealogy" as the "subject" to see an overview of available titles.