Memorials and Honors


Placing a book or other item in the library in memory or in honor of someone is a lasting tribute and provides support to the work of the library as well.

We request that donors follow one of the two procedures outlined below when making a memorial or honor presentation.

•Present the library with a particular amount of money. We will select a

current book based on the donated amount. We ask that you contribute a

minimum of $25.00.


•Purchase a book to be presented to the library and fill out our memorial/honor form when you bring the book (or other item) to the library. When using this procedure, we ask that you include the receipt or a copy of your check so that we may report such gifts on our annual report to the state. Doing so allows us to receive State Aid on the basis of these monies spent on our behalf.

We encourage such gifts, and it is our practice to notify a next-of-kin or the person honored in the event of such gifts. Included with this notice is a copy of the bookplate (like those above) that we affix to the book. A record of your gift is kept on file at the library. Memorial and honor books are listed in The Evening Sun when they are added to our collection.

Click here for our form.


Perpetual Memorials

For a gift of $250 or more (one single gift or a combination of gifts), we establish a Perpetual Memorial. Each Perpetual Memorial fund adds a book or books to the collection annually using the interest earned. Bookplates like the one above are affixed. The additions begin the year after the gift is made. Contributions may be added to an existing Perpetual Memorial at any time.

Please contact us with any questions …

Phone: 717-632-5183

We appreciate the support received through the above gifts and are happy to answer any further questions you may have concerning this service.