SAT - FAQ Session
Thursday, January 24th   6-8 p.m.
Collinsville Community Library

Amanda Himes, York College SAT Prep Instructor. Amanda shares her 12 years of experience and tells you "Everything you wanted to know about the SAT but were afraid to ask." *
* Except the test answers, of course…

Here are some things that you will learn:

                           •Budget-friendly ways to prepare for the SAT.

                           •How to decide if the SAT or the ACT is a better choice.

                           •How to get your test score to reflect your ability.

                           •How the scores are used, calculated and how they can be maximized.

                           •How to make the most use of your study time.

                           •Start in 9th grade to help prepare for this test.

                           •How to integrate SAT prep into your home school program.

                           •Why practice is vital.

                           •Information for both parents and students.

                           •Assorted FREE resources available.