Happy to Let it Go By Lora-Lynn Kahler


The song Happy seems to be everywhere—that and Let it Go. In the car, in the store, on TV, being sung by my neighbor’s children the music just lingers.  And once it hits, it sticks becoming run and rerun in my head over and over and over….  To combat this most recent attack of I’d be happy to let it go, I thought it might be fun to see what our libraries have available about happiness and letting go.

30 lessons for living: tried and true advice from the wisest Americans, by Karl Pillemer, shares the wisdom of older people on how to choose happiness and life without regret.  We’ve got this one as an eBook and in large print too, it’s that good. 

I love the title of this one: The antidote: happiness for people who can't stand positive thinking by Oliver Burkeman.  This book can help out if you are just trying too hard to be happy. 

We have a nice devotional calendar in print and as an eBook: The language of letting go by Melody Beattie52 small changes: one year to a happier, healthier you makes the idea of becoming happy attainable one week at a time.  And if you are raising a teen you might like, Letting go with love and confidence: raising responsible, resilient, self-sufficient teens in the 21st century.

On the work front, the Dali Lama offers guidance on The art of happiness at workHappiness at work: be resilient, motivated, and successful--no matter what is available as an eBook.  We also have a new audiobook with guided mediations called Real happiness at work: meditations for accomplishment, achievement, and peace that you might enjoy. 

We recently added a new Chicken Soup for the Soul title Home Sweet Home: 101 Stories About Hearth, Happiness, and Hard Work.  Why not be among the first to read it?  Go ahead and request it for yourself and we’ll email you as soon as the book is ready. 

So the next time either Happy or Let it Go gets stuck in your head, chase it away with one of these reads instead.



Happiness Titles on the YCL eBranch:

Release Your Worries A Guide to Letting Go of Stress and Anxiety

Eat Your Way to Happiness: 10 Diet Secrets to Improve Your Mood, Curb Cravings and Keep the Pounds Off

Contagious Optimism Uplifting Stories and Motivational Advice for Positive Forward Thinking Cesar Millan's Short Guide to a Happy Dog.


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The Pelican Bride by Beth White

If you are a fan of inspirational or Christian fiction, pick up The Pelican Bride. Genevieve and her sister need to escape France and religious persecution. Put aboard the Pelican, the sisters are sailing to the New World to find not only freedom but, husbands. Once Genevieve arrives in Louisiana she finds that the New World isn’t what she pictured and finding a husband amongst the rough Canadian soldiers won’t be as easy as she and her sister thought. Set in 1704 Louisiana, The Pelican Bride is rich with history, romance, and heroism. I enjoyed Beth White’s style of writing and found her use of local history intriguing. She melded the life of the Native American people and the Canadian settlers into an intricate story. I thought that Genevieve was a strong female character and admired her heroics throughout the book. The Pelican Bride is a story of life, love, and overcoming the odds.

Other books you may like-

  • A Beauty So Rare by Tamera Alexander,
  • The Road to Grace by Richard Paul Evans
  • The Shack by William Paul Young
  • The Fiddler by Beverly Lewis
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ABCs and 123s


A request for more Kinsey Millhone eAudiobooks made its way to me this morning.  The alphabet mysteries are now on letter “W” and are more popular than ever.  We have the entire series available as books, eBooks, and Audiobooks (a.k.a. spoken recordings).  We have Kinsey Millhone mysteries in Spanish, large print and now we have the entire series as MP3 eAudiobooks!  Looks like all of the titles in the middle of the series were recently released for libraries as MP3s.

I wondered, “Are there any other book series based on numbers of letters?”  There must be, right?  There is at least Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plumb Detective series and Top Secret Twenty-One was just released on June 17th, by the way.  So what else is there? Hmm…

There are tons of individual books with alphabet letters or numbers in the title like: The Twelve Tribes of Hattie (an Oprah pick), B is for Beer is a fun adult alphabet book, Thirty and a Half Excuses looks like a murder mystery romp featuring a televangelist and the neighborhood busy body.  A classic Agatha Christie story, the A.B.C. Murders, is waiting for you too.  So is humorous love story, The ABCs of Love by Sarah Salway.

And Of course there is the infamous Fifty Shades trilogy.  We have this one in print, eBook, eAudiobook, and audiobook form. But beyond these, I’m not remembering any other book series based on numbers or letters.  Do you know of one?


Lora-Lynn Kahler

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It’s Yard Sale Season


by Lora-Lynn Kahler

There is a yard sale happening somewhere pretty much every Saturday now that spring is here: community yard sales, church rummage sales, or in a garage at that one house on the way to your kid’s game.  Don’t forget all the thrift and second hand stores we have around York. What about all those auctions and estate sales?  It’s pretty easy to get the DIY bug fueled by new-to-you finds.

If you need some ideas before you go looking for treasures, you might want take a look at one of these books:

Fabric Remix combines vintage fabric, clothing, and unexpected materials with furniture pieces to make some pretty snazzy looking additions for your home.  This book does a good job introducing concepts that you can take any direction you want. It’s not just a project book. Take a look at the reupholstered bicycle seat on pages 59 and 97.  This project is a new one on me.

Junk Beautiful: Outdoor Edition takes you through 20 projects to transform your back yard.

Flea Market Finds. Before & After will give you home decorating inspiration.

Flea Market Finds and How to Restore Them what to do after you get your finds home.

The Garage Sale Millionaire: Make Money with Hidden Finds from Garage Sales to Storage Unit Auctions and Everything in-between is a DIY guide on how to recognize the real treasures when you see them.

Other books to check out are: Jewelry Upcycled!, Fabulous Jewelry from Found Objects, Restore. Recycle. Repurpose, Weaving Rag Rugs, The Rummager’s Handbook, and Refashioned Bags.

If eBooks are your thing download 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse, DIY Mason Jars, or Reinvention: Sewing with Rescued Materials.

And if you look for roadside hauls, Wood Pallet Projects is a lot of fun.  In our eBranch, Handmade Home, Box! Castles, Kitchens & Other Cardboard Creations for Kids is super cute.  And check out the book, Rubbish: Reuse Your Refuse while you’re at it. 



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Tea Pops: Your Next Frozen, Homemade Treat By Lora-Lynn Kahler




            I wandered through the herb festival at the fairgrounds in search of a hot cup of herbal tea.  My throat hurt and a tea sounded like a great idea.  What I bumped into was even better: tea pops.  Delicious, frozen teas mixed with other herbs or fruits.  I had to try one and, of course, all of my friends with me wanted to sample the goods.

We tasted a chocolate lavender tea pop made by an urban farming group in from Pittsburgh. Wow!  It was all that.  We stood around marveling at how good chocolate tea could be when it was concentrated and frozen to a stick with some lavender added for good measure.

You have to try making tea pops at home.  Any combination of teas is possible.

Fen Gerson, in Paletas: Authentic recipes for Mexican ice pops, shaved ice & aguas frescas, will teach you to make a hibiscus-raspberry ice pop that looks amazing (pg. 31). 

Take a look at the green tea-pomegranate recipe in Ice Pops by Shelly Kaldunski (pg. 76).

Remember that sore throat that led me to looking for a cup of tea in the first place?  How great would it be to have some nectarine, honey & chamomile tea pops in the freezer for the next time?  People’s Pops explains everything I need to create some of these frozen treats (pg. 64).

Ok, so what if you don’t like tea?  We have lots of other book choices to get you freezing including:

Ice Pop Joy in book and eBook form, I Scream Sandwich, Gelato!: Italian Ice Creams, Sorbetti, & Granite, Getting Great Results from Your Ice Cream Machine, or The Ultimate Smoothie Book.

If eBooks are for you, take look at How to Make Frozen Yogurt by Nicole Weston or Ice Cream Made Easy by Annette Yates or any of the smoothie eCookbooks if you want to avoid the whole freezing stuff in a mold thing.


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